The Outlook

When your days are spent beating deadlines, hitting quotas, and closing deals, even the important details sometimes get lost in the rush. 

This is your solution.



Things happen at the same time, all the time

It is easy to get overwhelmed when things come at you from all sides. Take a breath and write it down.  

Take control

The Outlook is designed to be a straightforward, no-frills planner for your major commitments in a month. Got a meeting with a major client you can't miss? Is a presentation or a major event the highlight of this month? Take note and take control.

Trim it down to the basics

In the end, it's all about getting the right things done. How are you allocating your finite time, energy, and money resources? The Outlook deliberately focuses only on the major deadlines and deliverables. If only 20% of tasks deliver 80% of the results, then what's in your 20%? See the bigger picture and make better decisions with The Outlook. 




  • Undated 12-month planner
  • 11cm x 21cm
  • 100gsm Ivory paper
  • Tracks monthly meetings, deliverables, agenda


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